Countless ways to enjoy your grain fed beef

Grain fed beef is rightly known and recognised for its great flavour and texture. But from a cooking perspective, its versatility is what makes grain fed beef one of the most popular choices for millions of people every day.

Whether it’s steak, mince, roast or diced, you can turn any cut of beef into a kitchen masterpiece. Everyone has their favourite grain fed beef meal, whether it’s one of Mum’s specialties, a BBQ classic or a Masterchef-inspired modern creation.

There’s no right or wrong answer – we all have different tastes. The beauty of grain fed beef is that it can be prepared in so many wonderful ways and that means Sunday roast can be followed by meatball Monday. But good old fashioned steak and veg continues to be Australia’s most popular beef dish.

Check out the video and see some of the industry folk talk about their favourite grain fed beef meals. Maybe they’re different to yours, maybe they’re the same …. one thing for sure is that if you’re looking for versatility it’s hard to go past grain fed beef as your number one choice.

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