A love affair with grain fed beef

After more than 20 years in the feedlot industry, Tess Herbert’s resume reads of hard work, self-investment, and being open to opportunities when they come knocking. From humble beginnings as a teacher in rural New…
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Four Daughters forging farming future

Four Daughters - Grain Fed Beef

Four Daughters started the way of many good ideas before it – in a bar. At Beef Week 2018 Karen’s husband Dan Penfold fortuitously pulled up a seat beside a young Chinese business couple. Always…
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Working on a cattle feedlot

The cattle feedlot industry is worth approximately $4.4 billion to the economy. The industry employs close to 30,000 people directly or indirectly (Australian Lot Feeders’ Association 2015), and nearly all feedlots operating are family-owned businesses….
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