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Australians love their beef

Australian beef farmers are proud of their beef and its reputation
as one of the finest quality meats in the world.

What makes Australian beef so good?

A large part of what makes Australian beef so good is how cattle are fed and nourished in Australia. All Australian cattle are raised on grass. While some cattle spend their whole lives on grass, a large percentage (around 40%) are transitioned to a grain-based diet, resulting in the term “grain fed beef”.

Certified Australian grain fed beef is world class – produced using professional systems, high quality standards and progressive research and development.

The grain fed beef industry attracts passionate people who care for animals, are conscious of maintaining a sustainable environment, and aim to produce a quality product for consumers.

This website has been created by the Australian Lot Feeders’ Association (ALFA) on behalf of Australian grain fed beef producers to provide consumers with an understanding of how Australian grain fed beef is produced and the people who produce it.

Latest stories from those who produce, consume and cook with grain fed beef...

A love affair with grain fed beef

After more than 20 years in the feedlot industry, Tess Herbert’s resume reads of hard work, self-investment, and being open to opportunities when they come knocking. From humble beginnings as a teacher in rural New

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Keeping the cattle happy

No doubt you’ve heard the saying ‘happy wife, happy life’, but when you’re a grain fed beef producer (or a lot feeder as they’re referred to) there’s a more important motto to live by –

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Preparing cattle for the feedlot

Grazing on the nation’s fertile pastures is where all Australian cattle begin their lives. But for a percentage of Australia’s herd, there comes a time when they transition from grass fed to a grain-based diet

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Grain Fed Lean Beef

Is grain fed beef good for you?

Australian beef is recognised as among the safest in the world with stringent control systems guaranteeing quality since the 1990s, but is grain-fed beef nutritious? A healthy balanced diet is something every Australian strives for,

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Cattle eating at a feedlot

What do cattle eat at a feedlot?

The most common grains fed to cattle in Australian feedlots are wheat, barley and sorghum. Less frequently fed, due to their availability, are lupins, millet, rice, rye, triticale, corn and oats. Grains are either rolled

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Grain fed beef

Why is certified grain fed beef consistently good?

Producing grain fed beef

What are cattle fed in a feedlot?

Ethical farming

Animal welfare is vital for quality beef


What is the industry doing to reduce its footprint?

People of lot feeding

Who are the people behind the industry?


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